The Physio & Pilates Co.

Clinical Pilates

At The Physio&Pilates Co. we provide a variety of Clinical Pilates equipment and mat classes.

Pilates is an exercise form based on improving core and limb muscle strength & endurance, muscle flexibility, joint stability and balance. Our classes are ONLY taught by Physiotherapists who use a variety of exercises to progressively train your smaller, stabilising muscles and your larger, more global muscles ensuring pain free, efficient movement and quality instruction.

All of our classes are claimable through your private health insurance if you have appropriate Physiotherapy cover and after you have had an initial assessment.

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Our Physiotherapy team have the knowledge and experience to treat a range of conditions related to sporting injuries, postural habits, movement dysfunctions, surgery, pregnancy, birth or menopause. Our dedicated approach involves a thorough initial assessment, accurate diagnosis with education and an individualised exercise rehabilitation program to improve your pain and get you back to doing what YOU love to do.

To give your body the best chance of healing, we are with you for longer consultations and are always working with your goals in mind. We also have private treatment rooms - NO curtains, ONLY privacy.

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