Physio Doing Clinical Pilates

Why Do Physio’s Choose Pilates?

Felicity Dan Clinical Pilates, Physiotherapy

For quite some time Pilates has been the exercise form of choice for Physiotherapist’s. But why is this the case? As Physiotherapist’s our daily grind consists of reducing pain, improving movement and returning clients to their usual routine. To do this, we may use hands on treatment and exercise to ensure a progression back to normal life. Pilates offers a …

Mum and Bub Clinical Pilates Class

You Do What? Demystifying The World Of Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

Felicity Dan Clinical Pilates, Postnatal Pilates

This month we are excited to announce the arrival of Becky Martin, our new Physiotherapist who has a special interest in Women’s Health and the management of pelvic floor conditions. Pelvic floor conditions are personal and as such many women are reluctant to acknowledge their symptoms and seek help. However, 37% of women are affected by urinary incontinence and 12.9% …