Cycle Fitting

What is CycleFit Physiotherapy Bikefit?

Felicity Dan CycleFit, Physiotherapy

The process must start with the Physiotherapist gaining a good understanding of the athlete, their age, injury history, working status/type of work, cycling experience, cycling goals and of course the overall goal of the fit. To do this, I’ll sit down with you and ask specific questions that allow me to map out a plan of attack when looking at …

Physio Doing Clinical Pilates

Why Do Physio’s Choose Pilates?

Felicity Dan Clinical Pilates, Physiotherapy

For quite some time Pilates has been the exercise form of choice for Physiotherapist’s. But why is this the case? As Physiotherapist’s our daily grind consists of reducing pain, improving movement and returning clients to their usual routine. To do this, we may use hands on treatment and exercise to ensure a progression back to normal life. Pilates offers a …